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Cape Town To Cairo Trans-Continental Luxury Rail Travel

November 24th, 2022

If you are an experienced traveler, you may feel that there is a certain homogeneity that is common across most of Europe, North America, and vast swathes of Asia. When searching for a trip that can provide you with the thrill and excitement of visiting hitherto unknown regions, you may feel that your options are severely restricted. That being said, there are still journeys and destinations that can provide stimulation and satisfaction to even the most well traveled individuals. For example, traversing the length of Africa, from Cape Town to Cairo, on a tour that involves luxury rail car travel is an activity that very few people have so far taken up.

Africa is a land that is in the most part untouched by the modern world. Vast areas of the continent exist in a way that has remained unchanged for centuries, if not millenia. Today, there are few places on the planet where there are still communities that practice a lifestyle which is the same as what past generations would have followed.

What’s more, Africa is incredibly diverse. The six thousand mile journey from the southern tip of the continent all the way to the Mediterranean coast would cover regions and areas the like of which are not present anywhere else on the globe. From desert wilderness to savanna, vast grasslands, lush jungles, and river deltas, experiencing Africa in its raw glory is an activity that would not be forgotten in a hurry.

Africa offers much more than just beautiful scenery and incredible wildlife, though these are huge draws in themselves. This massive continent, encompassing a fifth of the Earth’s landmass, has cultures that are as old as mankind. Just imagine having the opportunity of taking in such sights as the great pyramid of Giza, bushmen settlements of the Kalahari, and the ancient churches of Ethiopia on a single trip.

Facts About The Trans Siberian Railway

April 13th, 2022

The Trans Siberian railway is one of the world’s classic and most well known train journeys. It is the longest point to point rail trip currently in existence, it covers a massive amount of territory from the Pacific coast at Vladivostok all the way to the edge of Europe in Moscow. Along the journey the carriages traverse taiga, steppes, and the Ural Mountains, in total a distance of almost ten thousand kilometres.

The trip is not just any ordinary rail journey, it is a world and adventure in itself. The Trans Siberian is loved by rail enthusiasts, adventurers, and those in search of romance and discovery. Memories of the trip are carried for life by those fortunate enough to have been a passenger.

Unlike the images we often see in the media, on the Trans Siberian you will discover the true essence of the world’s biggest country. Most of the passengers are Russians who are far from being aloof and cold as they were often depicted in old propaganda, today you will find warmth and hospitality no matter whether taking lunch, drinking in the bar, or simply lazing in your carriage with other passengers.

There are many reasons why people choose to travel the Trans Siberian. If you are considering booking tickets, check out these following suggestions as to why the journey has become and continues to be one of the most popular anywhere on the planet. To start with there is the name itself, it conjures up a mystique all of its own. Imagine how amazed and jealous your friends and colleagues will be when you tell them you are taking a trip on the Trans Siberian express, open jawed expressions would greet your plans.

With the option of choosing to also travel the Trans Mongolian and Trans Manchurian lines you can get a taste of China and Mongolia as well as Russia. The experience would allow you a deep understanding of these ancient cultures in a way which would not be possible if you were simply to fly in. Where else can you spend time sitting next to a Cossack, a Mongolian Buddhist lama, and at the end of your trip, smart dressed Chinese business people. The friends and contacts that will be made will last a lifetime.

Siberia in itself is a majestic land and one that is full of stunning vistas and breathtaking panoramas. This timeless and yet vast territory is one that is relatively untouched by the modern world, very few places on our planet can still be termed as natural and unchanged as Siberia.

Another reason for booking yourself a berth on this train is that you can make a stop off at Lake Baikal. This is the largest, as well as deepest, freshwater lake anywhere on the planet. It is a supremely beautiful and awe inspiring location that can be a great place to unwind.